About Us

Our Vision:

Become the very best human beings we can possible be. In the process, attain mastery and positively impact the life of every person who crosses our path.

Our Mission

As Professional Real Estate Investors, our primary intent is to provide our clients with superior alternatives to solve their Real Estate Problems either buying their house, finding a home for them or helping them create investment opportunities in the Real Estate field.

We are committed to provide excellence in customer service by living our core values as a team and individually.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: To act ethically and honourably in all our business and personal relationships.
  • Respect: To empathize, understand and fully consider the diverse needs of others.
  • Insight: To use our high level of knowledge to proactively respond with the right solutions according to each and every client situation.
  • Great Attitude: To enrich our relationships with team work, enthusiasm, and a “Can be done” attitude.
  • Commitment: To achieve success for our clients, our team and ourselves.

At DeAntoni Management, LLC we truly believe the best way to serve the citizens of Saline and Pulaski counties is to deliver Quality Housing at Affordable Prices.  We strive daily to have the best looking and most well managed properties in the area.

It Doesn’t Matter if your Credit is Good, Bad or UGLY!  Have you had a bancruptcy? A foreclosure? Have you or your spouse been downsized? We do not care nearly as much about your credit score as we do your ability to pay the rent.   We know thatin this troubled economy the best thing to do is help people, and this simple philosophy sets us apart from all other competitors.

Look over our website, check out our properties, read the FAQ, and when you are ready, fill out an application for one of our available units.

If you have questions about any or our programs, and you cannot find the answer in the FAQ or elsewhere on this site do not hesitate to call us or email ; we are here to serve your needs.